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27 thoughts on “Robin Bowles”

  1. Sandra McCormack said:


    I’ve just finished reading “No Justice”.

    It was a fabulous read. Hated putting it down to go to sleep.

    Looking forward to purchasing your other books and looking forward to any future ones coming.

    It certainly made me think about things.

    Kind regards

    • Hi Sandra, my favourite book to write. What fun those girls were, even though their lives always had a serious and sad side.I became quite good friends with some and one baby-sat my pekes when I went away on trips. I had an accident with my ankle and gave them a lot of large-size (I have big feet), Italian and Spanish very funky, very high heels as no longer allowed to wear them. The shoes were a big hit and one of the girls said any slight reservations about me were now gone. ‘Daaahling,’ she told me, “I’ve told them all you are ONE OF US!’

      As you are probably aware, the story continues. See my website blog for an update on the Tanner case. Also Rough Justice, which is a book I wrote talking about unsafe decisions from the Australian courts, is available to download from my website There is quite a bit in that book about the Bailey case. Denis Tanner has also recently collaborated with a mate to release a book. I told him he should call it ‘I didn’t do it!’, but it’s called Blackened Tanner. Interesting read.



  2. STAN GREEN said:

    Hi Robin
    still chasing the Brad Murdoch story.
    In your conversations with Vince Millar did he mention sighting a Red car.
    This latest has just been mentioned on our Facebook site.

  3. Marilyn Ford said:

    Dear Robin

    Not quite sure why it has taken me so long getting around to reading Dead Centre as that case always interested me. I found it very hard to put down once I got started. The commitment on your part (as well as your husband’s support) with the investigative work, interviews, travel etc I found to be mind blowing. I certainly know much more about the case than I ever did before which has brought me to my own conclusion. I feel the police and investigating officers have a lot to answer for. So amateurish. I feel quite confident that the wrong man has been convicted and hopefully one day soon this will be proved. My gut feelings have never let me down. Joanne Lees knows so much more than she’s ever let on. Remember the old saying “if you tell the truth you don’t have to remember anything.” Her story kept changing!! It seems the court was to easy on her during the trial.

    How could you “want to get on with your life” just days after this supposed incident, and boyfriend missing, presumed murdered. That’s not normal for a start.

    Anyway just needed to get that off my chest.

    Well done on such an excellent book.

    Marilyn Ford

    • Hi Marilyn,

      Just now catching up on lots of emails. Thanks for your comments. I’m certain you are correct and that the whole story has not been told. I say to people who call me a ‘Murdoch supporter’ that ‘I am a supporter of truth and justice and in this case, the truth has not been told and justice has not been done.’

      My husband has been very supportive since I wrote my first book in 1997. Over 14 best-selling books later, we joke that he has become a ‘patron of the arts’, as even best-selling writers in Australia don’t make a decent living. I have started putting some favourites up as ebooks on my website They are much cheaper than print books and you can download to your computer if you don’t have a kindle or a kindle app.My latest, Have You seen My Child, is a real tear-jerker and an inspiring story.

      Cheers for now,


  4. Dear Mrs Bowles, thank you for highlighting the cases of Jenny Tanner and Adel (No Justice). I found them to be fascinating. I wish to know more. I hope the families have received closure with them knowing what happened to both women.
    I felt sorry for the inital police officers and coroner. They, I felt did not have the back up they deserveed, as the victims did not. I know this still happens today.
    Please keep up the good work you provide. The everyday person should keep authorities questioning their protcol and question why all cases are not closed successfully.
    From Louise

    • Hi Louise, thanks for all that. You can find a bit of an update about the Tanner case on my blog if you are interested. They are interesting stories and they are not over yet.



  5. Hi Robin,
    I am enjoying (if that is the right word for poor Jennifer Tanner) Blind Justice.

  6. Polly Grey said:

    Hi Robin,

    Your books make tremendous reading and my family are most unhappy that I have stumbled across them!

    Kind regards,


  7. Hi Robin, I just want you to know that after reading “Blind justice” I am overwhelmed by your talent, not only as a writer, but for your investigative skills. How you managed to knock on so many doors and get answers has me in thrall!
    I am making some headway with my investigations and I think in some ways I have been inspired by you!
    I would love to talk to you in April when you are settled,and I know that you would throw light on some areas of my research that are troubling me. I have been to the Public Records Office and struggled to cope with their system, but should have a Coroner’s report within 25 days. Fingers crossed.I have also applied for a police report through FOI, but will be surprised if I get anything.
    With regards J

    • Hi J, thanks for your kind words. Blind Justice does seem to be a favourite. It taught me a lot, being my first book. Especially about how important editors are! The move has been a bit of a nightmare, but I’m now firmly planted in my Final Resting Place (a new apartment, not a retirement village, but I’ll be carried out of here on a stretcher or in a box. There are movements afoot to re-open Jenny’s inquest. See my blog for update. Denis and friend have written a book called Blackened Tanner, which says, of course that he didn’t do it! It’s very exhaustively researched and unlike many stories/issues where the accused doesn’t get a full go, this book does present a different scenario.



  8. Michael E. Metrokin said:

    Just finished Blind Justice. Bravro I say. Ann Rule has little on you. I was not aware you existed and will search out more reads. I served to retirement as an Alaska State Trooper (Alaskan–born, raised, and retired). I served in uniform in small communities as did the police who investigated this matter. Appalling but to some extent understandable.
    Mostly I enjoyed the relaxed way you presented a very complex story. From the first few pages I liked you and with that trusted you as well.
    PS–are there any updates on this matter?

    • Hi Michael, Thanks for all those comments. Alaska, huh? I’m more of an FNQ (Far North Queensland) gal, myself, although I actually live in Melbourne. There’s a bit of an update on Tanner, etc on my blog, and if you check from time to time, you will find more updates as they happen. You can also now buy several of my books in ebook format from my website.

      Cheers for now,


  9. said:

    Great books, sure I met this author on the streets of Sydney some time ago.

    Ray R

  10. Peter Hyndman said:

    Dear Robin,

    Thank you for the book, it is a very good read and is of particular interest to me as Marg and I owned a farm in Maindample and a Commercial Ski Lodge/Hotel at Mt. Buller at the time a lot of the events you have written about took place.
    Needless to say, the Jenny Tanner matter was discussed deeply and often over my bar and the bars of others. No one believed she shot herself through both hands and her brain twice. A physical impossibility.
    Whilst I discounted it as nonsense at the time, it is not the first time I have heard of the matters you refer to on P. 291. Where there’s smoke and all of that.

    • Hi Peter, thanks for your comments. There is a strong smell of smoke (and mirrors)around many aspects of this case. See my blog which updates a bit.



  11. Linda Caine said:

    Hi Robin, how are you i have not been able to come along to sisters in crime for some time but would like to be able to get down to Melbourne soon. I am still working on my book which i hope will be printed 2013 it has taken a lot of work to compile but has been worth the effort. regards Linda Caine

  12. rowena croft said:

    Hi Robin,
    it’s Rowena who lived with Tracey and Mark in Darwin. I am in Perth now working as a Housing Support worker for Private Tenancies. I just recieved this email from Chaz McVeigh who is a consultant for domestic violence and runs a program called Menstime at anglicare wa. You look terrific!
    I am looking forward to reading your book, Take Care and all the best Row x

  13. Ron McDonald said:

    Hi Robin,
    I have been through a Parental abduction situstion, although it is not legally classified as that because my son was not taken out of the country, I have started a facebook page on the subject, but time and work limit the amount I can do on it. The page is called Parental abduction, why isn’t it a crime in Australia, any support you can give to getting publicity to this cause would be appreciated.
    I can be contacted on the number below if needed, but due to the locations I work in, I sometimes have no mobile coverage.
    I like some of the books you have on this page, and will be purchasing a couple in the next week or so.

    Ron McDonald
    0428 335 044

  14. Trish Carey said:

    Hi Robin, I contacted you some years ago in relation to my daughters death. She died in a South Australian Hospital due to medical negligence. The investigation by the South Australian was a sham interviewing only 5 medical professionals out of a potential 37 he failed to interview any ICU staff and no surgical staff I have never been given any answers or explanations the Coroner did not proceed to inquest. My daughter’s story is due to go to air shortly on ABC 7.30 report I would like to write a book about my daughter and would appreciate any help you can give

    • Hullo Trish, I have edited your daughter’s name and your phone number from your message, and will contact you privately. But I thought the circumstance’s of her story should be made known. SA is notorious for it’s weird and wonderful legal processes. You might like to view a website called Networked Knowledge, run by justice crusader in Adelaide, Dr Bob Moles. (He is a Doctor of Law, not Medicine). It s a real eye-opener about SA ‘justice’. I also have a story about SA justice in my book, Rough Justice, which you can download to an e-reader or your computer (much cheaper!) than you can get the hard copy.

      I will ring you.



      • Hi Robin, I look forward to hearing from you. I have read your book Rough Justice in addition to all your other books, I have also read A State of Injustice ( Bob Moles) and most of Bob’s other books I met up with Bob a few years ago when I was living in Adelaide and have kept in touch with him. I met up with him again when I was in Adelaide in August to do the 7.30 Report.

        Warm Regards

        • I Robin,

          I have set up a face book page Medical Negligence Australia if you Google this you can get more information about Lisa.

          I have request assistance from The Hon Stephen Wade Shadow Attorney General South Australia to get the Coroner to reopen the investigation into my daughters death, I spoke to his office this week and was advised I will receive a letter this week advising what they have found.


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