I’ve recently published four short eBooks. I’m loving the new platform that lets me publish short as well as long stories.

Rescuing Tara.  A bullying and sexually abusing father produced videos of his terrified 5 year old daughter  for over 5 years to sell internationally to satisfy a network of child porn lovers. Read here in short but gripping detail how Bart Huskey met his match at the hands of cops in cyberspace.

Creative Accounting: The perfect murder? This short story romp about lust for money, hatred of the one who provides it and getting away with murder (and the money) is a fiction must read for murder buffs.

Due Process: Is the law just? A father’s relentless search for the reason his healthy  daughter died in sudden and  unexplained circumstances does not deliver justice to him or his family. Instead, this story describing his quest reveals bureaucratic bungling, confusing opinions, heartbreak and more deaths.

Police Line: Is there one law for those at the top and a different one for those at the front line? This story describes how a young, dedicated and straight cop was driven from his career because he crossed the line. But with a degree of poetic justice in the end, those who persecuted him eventually faced their own career-defining dramas.