Hi everybody. Life has been hectic for me lately. In addition to personal/ family stuff, like helping my son moving house with his partner and gorgeous baby (see Matt Alexander on Facebook) the 10th anniversary of the arrest of Bradley Murdoch for the alleged murder of Peter Falconio is coming up on 22 August. This story, told in my book Dead Centre from my website, has continued to be discussed, dissected and debated. Everybody loves a good mystery and despite the NT police and the DPP being convinced of Murdoch’s guilt, many people find the details in the story told by Joanne Lees about the incident in the night lack credibility.

A UK TV company is currently filming aspects of the story in Australia for the Crime Investigation pay TV program and their delightful film crew spent an hour re-arranging my lounge room, (very politely) this week. We filmed for a couple of hours.

I also discovered that Murdoch has been moved from his incarceration at Alice Springs Correctional Centre, which is close to the dead centre of Australia, back to Darwin, where he has no access to a prison-based automotive workshop to use his skills repairing vehicles and teaching young aborigines on short stay sentences a few tricks of the (automotive!) trade, during their time inside.

The rumour is that the NT Minister was getting fed up with guerilla action around Alice, co-ordinated by a ‘puppetmaster’ in Vienna (does this make me sound like a Conspiracy Theorist?? Believe me, it’s TRUE!) and Murdoch has paid the price by being moved to a tougher prison.

I’ve also just released my first e-book. Fed up with the way print publishers squeeze writers for their last drip of blood (especially CRIME writers!) we decided to get with the modern world and go E-publishing. Sad in one way, but I must say I’ve become VERY attached to my Kindle over the past couple of years. I can take 10 books on my travels, average cost about $8 each and the kindle is user friendly, lightweight and easy to read. You can, of course download Kindle apps to android readers or just download my book from my website, which you must be on already if you are reading this.

The new e-book is called Have You Seen my Child and it tells the inside story of the Sydney father whose 3 yo son was abducted by the boy’s mother. The father spent the next 3 years looking for him and eventually set off a cycle crusade around Europe. 6500 kms, nine countries and 4 months later, incredibly, he found him in Amsterdam. It’s an inspiring story, more interesting because of the rising incidence of International Parental Child Abduction, due to cross-border marriages and the ‘shrinking’ of the world.

The issue has had quite an airing lately, over a year since the great international interest created by Ken’s story, with the Italian father who was successful in having the court return his three daughters after their Australian mother refused to return to Italy after a holiday. (This is a common ruse used by abducting parents.) There is an international ¬†Convention in place, to which Australia is a signatory, that allows for Left-Behind parents to maker application to have their abducted children returned. This usually works, but you have to know where they are first. In Ken’s case, his wife and son simply vanished after flying to Frankfurt, without his knowledge or permission.

If you are interested in the Hague Convention you can find it at


Legal Affairs writers from The Australian wrote a couple of excellent articles about the plight of the children and the parents on http://www.theaustralian.com.au/news/nation/landmark-case-tests-childrens-rights-to-take-part-in-parents-legal-disputes/story-e6frg6nf-1226444839874


The other story that popped up yesterday, after about 12 years, was the return of former cop Denis Tanner to the Victorian Coroner’s Court to seek a re-opening of the investigation into the death of his sister-in-law Jenny Tanner (see my book Blind Justice). I spoke to Denis last night. Tune in tomorrow for an update. Getting late and moving is VERY tiring!