Heard from a father who sent me this link which shows the pain caused to children by parental abduction. This little boy (only 12 years old) somehow managed to not only get a letter out from his place of ‘incarceration’ (uncle’s house) in Qatar to UK Prime Minister David Cameron, but even got a reply, ending with a hand-written note signed ‘David’, telling the boy he was on the case at high diplomatic level. It was written more than a year ago and there is no news about whether he has been rescued or not.

See link . http://bigpondnews.com/articles/TopStories/2012/08/14/British_PM_intervenes_in_kidnap_case_783290.html

This child was smart and resourceful enough to get his message out somehow and old enough to voice his misery. Toddlers can’t speak for themselves and some children never have the opportunity to make their voices heard. They live in hiding and in sadness, separated from all they once knew and loved.

Child abduction is child abuse.