What a mystery is the disappearance of Melbourne’s ABC radio staffer Jill Meagher! I’ve been watching the unfolding with great interest, as I used to live in Hope St West Brunswick and know it to be a narrow, pretty quiet, residential street (especially at 2am). Last seen wearing VERY high heels outside a shop in Sydney Road, talking to a man in a blue ‘hoodie’.

See footage http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/true-crime-scene/cctv-snaps-missing-woman-jill-meagher-just-450m-from-home-then-she-was-gone/story-fnat7jnn-1226479708333

Disturbing developments regarding the discovery of her handbag after police say they had searched the area, and even more concerning for the family is the ‘routine’ search by a forensic team of the home and car of Jill Meagher and her husband Thomas. The family must be distraught with worry and fear. My heart goes out to them. How can a young, vital girl vanish during a 10 minute walk from Sydney Road to her home?

If anyone knows ANYTHING please call Crimestoppers 1800 333 000.


If anyone knows ANYTHIUNG, please call Crimestoppers


Of course if foul play was involved, and it’s looking more like that scenario every day, the perpetrator had until Saturday to cover their tracks.