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  1. Gillian Smith said:

    Advertised at the back of the ‘Mystery of the Missing Masterpiece’ was
    “coming soon – The Secret of the Silver Scimitar”
    Could you please tell me whether this book is now available

    • Hi Gillian, not yet I’m afraid. I do love writing Cornelia, but true crime seems to take over. I have partly written SSS (3rd in series) and hope to release it as an ebook before the end of this year. Thanks for your interest.



  2. Dianne Judd said:

    When will the next Cornelia Finnegan fiction title be published? I have been waiting and waiting with eager anticipation but no satisfaction!

    • Ah, Cornelia! I’m so pleased you like her. I love writing about her exploits and I live just around the corner from her little pad in Fitzroy!I do have a third book partly written. Unfortunately, as in real life, true crime keeps overtaking me!

      I will try to put The Secret of the Silver Scimitar on the web before the end of the year.



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