Dead Centre

Dead Centre

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When British tourist Peter Falconio vanished at night in the heart of the outback in 2001, it made front page news around the world.


Having been pulled over by a passing stranger in the Northern Territory on the major arterial highway linking the north and south of Australia , Falconio climbed out of his Kombi van and was never seen again. Still in the van, his girlfriend, Joanne Lees, heard a ‘bang’ and then was attacked, bound and gagged and thrown into the stranger’s 4WD. But Lees escaped, and hid in sparse bushland for hours in the desert until she was finally picked up by a passing truckie.

Falconio’s disappearance ignited a massive police hunt and unprecedented media attention. Thirteen months later Bradley Murdoch, a drifter arrested for an unrelated crime in South Australia was charged with Peter’s murder and the attack on Joanne Lees. He was ultimately tried and found guilty.

In Dead Centre , true crime expert Robin Bowles strips bare the story behind the headlines, taking you on her own personal journey through the outback to get to the heart of what happened to Peter Falconio. Based on over 50 hours of exclusive interviews with Murdoch himself, who had unrestricted access to the police file on the case in his cell, as well interviews with key police investigators and comments from the Falconios and Joanne Lees, Bowles paints a vivid picture of a convicted murderer and exposes the behind-the-scenes workings of a difficult investigation.

She also tackles those questions that remain unanswered, despite the trial and conviction. Could Joanne Lees really have eluded discovery for so long? Why wouldn’t she talk to the media? And the biggest mystery of all: where is Peter Falconio’s body?

Every so often there emerges unheralded from the Australian outback a series of events so compelling that the story rapidly becomes part of our folklore forever. A story almost as big and mysterious as the bush itself. A story that will polarize opinion and fuel animated discussion for a generation or more. The disappearance of Peter Falconio is such a

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  1. Hi from (Mr.) Laurie Edward of Hawthorn, Melbourne. I have driven around and across Australia and have been to the Barrow Creek area. I’ve also followed the Falconia case right through. Also I’ve read three books on it – but did not know of yours. Also enjoyed the movie. Not to be spoken of in a nearby sentence, but,… my own little version is here: My unusual video clip is also up there:
    I have my misgivings about the story. I browsed your latest book at a Box Hill book stall late today. A lot of puzzling aspects as you refer to. For the heck of it I hope to drive into the Stuart Highway via Longreach/Boulia, the Donohue/Plenty Hwy on the N.T. side. I believe it’s possible for the ‘culprit’ to have turned off there on his way back to fuel up at that servo north of Alice. The body could have been ‘buried/hidden’ in there some distance. Then after the refuel (?), back up and across the usual route, the Tanami now Hwy(?). No doubt it’s been well searched by now but I just want to be able to say that I’ve ‘looked there’. I read that the aborigines tip over an anthill put a body there and replace the anthill!? BTW I’ve driven across from the west to the ‘middle’ on the Great Central Road, as well as all around and to ‘The Tip’.
    I would like to know how Murdoch’s poor mother coped. I think his Dad died through the Hearing time. I believe that Murdoch was moved to the Alice prison to benefit her. Long gone now no doubt.
    Sorry to be so long-winded. Laurie.

    • Hi Laurie, the official reason Murdoch was moved to Alice Springs was overcrowding in Berrima. They’ve just recently moved him back to Berrima. Officially same reason. Go figure!


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