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  1. Hi Robin,
    have read and enjoyed a couple of your publications, the latest of which was Dead Centre, perused whilst detained as a guest of Her Majesty recently for the crime of objecting to having my children stolen by the judiciary.

    Keep up the good work. It is good that at least one person is occassionally shining the spotlight on these often sham courts and their dodgy practitioners.
    All the best,

    • Hi Jonah, thanks for writing (and reading) whilst you were on the ‘inside’. I have edited a part of your comment as it identified another inmate still in the pipeline, but I agree with what you said and in fact have met a few times the guy who is going for the reward and I’ll be surprised (and disappointed) if he gets it! Hope you’re out and having access to your kids by now.



  2. Robin,

    I am just writing to say how much I have enjoyed your books. You are an exceptionally good writer with an uncanny and rare ability to engage your readers so completely. From a person who cant usually find the time to read anything longer than a journal article, the fact that I read your books religiously until finished is perhaps the greatest compliment I can offer. I first read Justice Denied as a criminology student back in 2000 and most recently Dead Centre. Now, as a senior researcher at the Australian Institute of Crininology, I thoroughly enjoy your unique approach and compelling insights into our justice system.

    Keenly awaiting the next book.

    Jason P

    • Hi Jason, just came across your email in a BIG backlog of messages. My website went into hibernation for a while seeing as the ISP went bankrupt because their main the creator nicked off with all the software and IP! My life is never dull. Sorry! Glad you enjoy the books. I did a week as Writer in Residence for Criminology students at Bond Uni a few years ago. Thoroughly enjoyed myself and altho’ only presenting 4 (different) lectures in the week, which I initially thought was a pretty light load for the fee, I was exhausted at the end of it! Prof Paul Wilson and Robyn Lincoln are now friends. Since Dead Centre I have released several short stories, two novels and 3 true crime books, Rough Justice, Blood Brother and Have You Seen My Child, which I think is my most important book to date. You can download RJ and HYSMC from the website, but Blood Brother is so far only available in hard copy.

      The background documentation and the ephemera and social media info regarding the amazing search by a father for his abducted son in HYSMC is also fully documented in the Australian National Library Archives, as the biggest successful international missing person search in history.

      As you are a researcher, I thought you’d like to know that!

      Thanks for your kind words about my books. Sorry for not replying before.



  3. Jenifer McKenzie said:

    Wish to confirm Robin’s speaking engagment at St.Paul’s Canterbury on Tuesday 18th October at 8pm. St.Paul’s is on the corner of Margaret and Church Sts Canterbury.

  4. said:

    Hi Robin,

    I have read a number of your books and have found them to be very incisive.

    Most recently, I have read “Blood Brother’, your book on Jeffry Gilham and the murder of his family.

    I believe that the verdict in the trial was correct, but I am intrigued by the apparent lack of motive and the absence of any diagnosed psychopathy. I would be very interested in your views or hypotheses as to either, if you feel able to express them.

    To me, these are what make this a truly perplexing case.



    • Sharon, I usually include everything I can in my books except my own opinion and stuff the b*** lawyers make me take out! I sat through the trial and agreed with the jury. Now the Appeal Court disagrees. Such is life!

      I have a new book in ebook format only, Have You Seen My Child. You can get it from my website or from Amazon if you have a Kindle or kindle app. It’s a moving and inspiring story (she says modestly!). Let me know what you think.



  5. Geoffrey Hart said:

    Australian story on Monday night does not seem to deal with the evidence. There was an attempt to portray the deceased brother Christopher as unstable, which may be true, but the evidence seems to be that was a very gentle person. Character evidence is usually a very little assistance in criminal trials. You can always find someone to say something nice about you. Your book points out the inconsistencies in Jeffery’s story. The missing 30 min, the fact that there was almost no blood on him indicating he took a shower, the absence of blood on Christopher,Christopher was not wearing his glasses, the smell of fuel on Jeffery’s breath, Jeffery’s comment to the firefighter on page 163 of your book “do not go in there someone’s got a knife”. I could go on but of course you know the details. The sheer implausibility that the knife wounds would have been inflicted by 2 different persons, the dead guy did it! And of course the evidence that was excluded of the inheritance and Jeffery’s subsequent treatment of his grandmother trying to get her out of the house.on 60 minutes in 1997 she certainly thought he was guilty. Australian story certainly skirted over that does not look as though next week’s presentation is going to go through the evidence in any proper detail.they seem to be appealing to the public instead of the Court of Appeal .Courts have always been reluctant to admit fresh evidence so that should be an interesting legal argument. Looking forward to the appeal but I do not give him much hope.

    • Hi Geoff, have wondered since I saw Aust Story why they felt they should involve themdselves in wuestioning a case that had been decided by a jury. It was not the first time and not rally their role, I think.



  6. Hi Robin,
    I have just finished reading your book Rough Justice and must admit that I was shocked to see such blatant disregard for the law from the prosecution. In your book you talk about certain people that have helped prisoners that have been wrongfully convicted. I have a friend that was wrongfully convicted and is serving time in Ararat Prison. He is awaiting an appeal. It’s a very long story & situation. I would like to be able to sit down with you or get your advice on who to contact to get some help. Anything would be great at this stage. Hope to hear from you soon.

    Kind regards


    • Hullo Rose, sorry I’ve taken so long to get back to you. The role of the prosecutor is actually to present the case on behalf of the people and some of them forget that sometimes and go for a conviction at any price. There are always those in any profession who get it wrong. Even writing.One of the big recent miscarriages of justice was the Graham Stafford case. In spite of overwhelming evidence supporting his appeal and the fact that police were investigating a new suspect for the murder Stafford allegedly committed and served 14 years for, he was NOT PARDONED. On 24 December 2009 the Court of Appeal overturned Graham Stafford’s conviction and ordered a retrial by a 2-1 majority. The dissenting judge wanted an immediate acquittal. On 26 March 2010 the Queensland Director of Public Prosecutions, Tony Moynihan SC announced there would be no new trial of Graham Stafford for the murder of Leanne Holland.So he has not been acquitted or pardoned and he has served 14 years in prison, (couldn’t get paroled earlier, although model prisoner, because he would not admit to the murder) so why would they try him again. It’s a total travesty. Anyway, I will contact you privately about your friend’s case.



  7. Geoffrey Hart said:

    Dear Robin,
    here is part of a letter to media watch which is on the Jeff needs Justice website:
    “Media Background to the Jeff Gilham Case
    Until the recently, the public perception of the circumstances surrounding the tragic events of
    August 28, 1993, and of Jeff Gilham’s character, has been shaped largely by a single set of
    Since August 1993 there have been about 100 print items in the news press and several other
    high-profile media items referring to the case, including:
     A Channel Nine 60 Minutes production in 1997
     A biased and poorly-researched book published in 2009”
    I do not think that is a very fair book review

    • Well of course I agree with you Geoff! The book might not appeal to everyone, but poorly researched it was not! Everyone who was ‘in it’ was happy, except for Jeffrey’s wife . Even Jeffrey’s aunt, to whom I sent a copy, emailed me after she’d read it to say ‘it was fair’. That’s all one can try to be in my business, even if one has a strong opinion of one’s own. I’m stating to sound like Prince Charles!

      When I contacted Media Watch, they removed ‘poorly researched’ from the site, as they agreed it was a very subjective comment.

      Thanks for your email,


  8. Tony Forsyth said:

    After reading many of your books and being impressed by your willingness to ferret out detail that is surely missed or ignored by others, I wonder now if your book on the Sydney brothers shouldnt be required reading for a new jury (if there is one) I certainly hope that at least some of the material sees the light of day.

    • Hi Tony, Thanks for your comments. As you will now know, the Court of Appeal upheld Jeffrey Gilham’s appeal on a point of law and he has been released. So we have two differing opinions in the courts, the jury’s decision and the judges’ decision. ‘How our lives can change direction in minutes’ would probably be an alternative title for Blood Brother! But three little girls did get their Daddy back. And I’m sure you have heard of the tragic death of Uncle Tony following the Appeal decision. He surely died of a broken heart.



  9. Hi Robin,
    I was wondering if you had any plans to release Justice Denied in Ebook format anytime soon?


    • No plans at this time, Nic. I have some of my others available, including a brand new one, Have You Seen My Child, which is a really wonderful story.

      Check it out!



  10. Mel Lademann said:

    Thank you for the book ‘Dead Centre’. I found it very interesting. I have just finished reading it.
    One thing which struck me was the ‘bang’ Ms Lees heard. My late husband was assaulted by a bouncer on a Friday night in busy Brunswick Street, Fitzroy. Cars, taxis, crowds, etc. I was about 6 car lengths from the incident arguing with a friend of mine about the events unfolding. The arguing stopped when we heard a loud ‘bang’. I thought it was a car accident, she (being from Northern Ireland) thought it was a gunshot. It was, in fact, the sound of my late husbands head, hitting the concrete. Leaving a pool of blood. It got me thinking. I wanted to share.
    Thank you again for the book. Kind regards, Mel

    • How shocking for you (and your husband). I hope that incident was not the cause of his death. I have a story I will be publishing soon about a police officer who landed one punch on a romantic rival’s jaw and the man went down, hit his head and life-support turned off 3 days later. The policeman was sentenced to 15 years and served 7. Now out on parole. Life is very fragile and one incident, over in seconds, can change our lives forever.

      Thanks for writing to me about Dead Centre. Glad you found it interesting.



  11. Polly Grey said:

    Hi Robin, I would like to send you an attachment of an newspaper clipping of a case that might be of interest to your investigative journalist/author powers. I don’t see a method of attaching a document through this site – do you have an address where I can attach the document to an email, or otherwise a postal address that I can post a copy to?

    Kind regards,

    Polly Grey (pseudonym).

  12. Hi Robyn

    Some years ago you spoke at a luncheon in Croydon for The Footmen Club. The lunch was a huge success and we’d like to invite you again to engage us in the world of analysing crime. As we are a charity The Footmen don’t pay speakers but do provide a pub lunch and liquid refreshments. At the lunch of 4 or 5 years ago, you did sell many, many books!

    The next Footmen lunch is on Thursday March 8th, 12.30 for 1pm, at the Dorset Gardens Hotel and in The Elms Room. If you happen to be free, I can assure you we will have an interested audience!

    Look forward to hearing from you


  13. Jenny Convery said:

    Hello Robin, I have read some of your books and wondered if you have ever written anything about the Tynong North Murders in Victoria? My interest in this is that one of the victims was my Aunt and it seems long forgotten even though various newspaper reports have claimed that they know who did it. One of the victims was the Aunt of the then Chief Police Commissioner Miller who believed it may have been a relative. Rumour has hit that he tried to get a death bed confession of out of this person but failed. I have also heard that the police “stuffed up” the investigation but don’t know how. The person who they tried to charge still lives in Somerton or Frankston somewhere. 6 women died and it is amazing to this day that nobody has been charged. My Aunt had lead a sad life and was a recovering alcoholic at the time of her murder. She had tried very hard to get back on track and was doing very well. Her partner was a suspect at first but don’t think he had anything to do with it.

    • Hi J, I’ve taken out a couple of comments that might ID you, but I thought others might like to read your comments. There’s no statute of limitations on murder, so if anyone knows anything … please phone the police. I haven;’t written a book on this, but I think there is one.



  14. Hi Robin, your books are amazing! I first read Blood Brothers in 2011 and couldn’t put the book down. I have been following Jeffrey Gilham’s case ever since. I am interested to know what your opinion now is on his conviction being quashed? I still find it difficult to believe that two people from the same family could go psychotic on the same night. There are so many factors that just don’t make sense in this case, for example the petrol syphoning. What do you think? I am also very interested in your book Blind Justice. I read this book only after I moved away from Benalla. I lived there briefly and could not believe that such a beautiful town could possibly be home to an alleged murderer. I’ve just finished reading Rough Justice, I believe there are so many injustices in our legal system in particular Bradly Murdoch. I could ramble all day, but this last comment brings me to my next Jeffery Gilham a cold blooded killer who has committed the almost perfect crime or is he a victim of the injustices in our legal system?

    • Hi Renee, I guess we have two answers to your last question. the jury’s verdict and the decision of the Court of Appeal.Take your pick. The law is not always just. Thanks for all your feedback. Glad to know the books create food for thought.

  15. Brenda Scarlett said:

    Dear Robin,
    I’ve just finished reading your story in Gems of a Generation. YOU have inspired me, fancy writing 10 bestsellers in10 yrs.
    All I have ever done, is write down a few bits and pieces and then put them into a trunk and closed the lid so I could find the stength to move forward. However since
    reading your story, I,ve been getting some order with some of my writings and now have a few chapters sort of completed? I’m not a writer, however feel I should get this in order even if it’s only for my family later?
    I’m 66 now, living where this story started 50 yrs ago when I was just 15. My Dear Dad paid the deposit on some jointy owned farming land for myself, and a older brother and sister. For the next 50 yrs the story makes Eat, Love and Pray’;s story look fairly boring?
    In March 2010 I was told I had bowel cancer, straight away I got a second opinion and went to the Gawler Foundation? So far I haven’t had a Operation or any treatment. I live…….. day to day, feeling wonderful, enjoying my sheep,Race horses and Nature and 2 Grandsons?
    I would really apprecitate it Robin, if you could read some of this story I’d love your feed back? I’m aware that there’s loads of work still to do on this, but most of the best parts are still to be written?

    Kind Regards B

    • Hi B, I’ve taken out some details that might ID you. My advice is to write from your heart, just get it on paper. It’s your story, so only you can tell it. Lots of budding writers do more thinking and planning than writing. Editors can fix up anything if it’s a good story. Writing is the Key. Elizabeth George (Inspector Lynley fame) once told me a story about a girl who wanted to join some classes Elizabeth was running. But the girl said she didn’t know if she ‘had time’ to write as she had a new baby. Elizabeth said ‘Could you write one page a day?’ The girl said she thought she could manage that. So Elizabeth told her, ‘In one year, you will have written a 365 page book’. I tell that story often.

      As for getting it read/critiqued The Wheeler Centre and Victorian Writers’ Centre have a panel of experienced editors and reviewers, who, for a VERY small fee, can read your MS and provide some guidance.

      Good luck! Just keep writing.



  16. Geoffrey Hart said:

    Evidence that freed Jeffrey Gilham challenged . This appears on Google alerts today. No doubt you are aware of this. Your book presented compelling evidence of his guilt, let us hope for a retrial

    • Geoff, I tried to report the story along the lines of evidence presented. As I know you know, the law is not always just. DPP should have sent Margaret Cunneen, who knows this case backwards to represent the State’s case. Doubt there will be a re-trial. The govt has spent millions on this case already. The only up side I can see is that the three little girls have their daddy back. And of course the big down side is that poor Uncle Tony died of a broken heart.



  17. Denise Ludekens Administration Officer Centre for Creative Industries said:

    Hello Robin,
    Your name has been put forward for consideration for a sessional fiction writing teaching position at Box Hill Institute, Centre for Creative Industries in our Professional Writing and Editing course by Nadine Creswell -Myatt. We are interviewing on Tuesday 6th March 2012 and have an interview time of 3.00pm available.
    Please contact me on 9286 9746 after 9.15am Monday or by email to the above email address should you be interested and available.

    Denise Ludekens.

  18. Brett Adam said:

    Robin I absolutely love your work and would love you to write a book about L R who just died. Regards Brett.

  19. Jordan Gunning said:

    Hi Robin, I’m just your average 17 year old kid! The Bradley Murdoch case was fairly massive when i was growing up so i have followed it as long as I can remember. I have always maintained the fact that Bradley John Murdoch is innocent. I have done that much research on this case and continue too! And obviously because you have met with him and talked with him i figured you might know more than what has been released to the public and I seek your knowledge it really really upsets me knowing that he’s rotting away in prison when there clearly was not enough cold hard evidence to convict him of the crime. I would really really love and appreaciate a reply. Just anything you know or could help me out with I would really appreciate it as i have followed this case for 10 years already and will continue to follow it until the day i die its just so fascinating!

    Thanks so much for your time.

    • Hi J, I have written an update in the Dead Centre book on the case, which you can download from my website. It is a very complicated story and I have tried to get everything out there that I am allowed to say legally. There are a few blogs and website pages that spend a lot of time on this case, but beware of unsubstantiated claims. There are some people out there in the World who think if you don’t agree with them, you are wrong, or mad! That’s life.

      Keep up the reading, it’s nice to hear from young readers.


  20. Paul Ruff said:

    Hi Robin
    About ten years ago you investigated the theft of my car. My wife and enjoyed several of your book launches and we have followed your career particularly you efforts to free the guy in Darwin who I also believe to be innocent.

    In my own life we have had a year to forget but it is still not over

    I had been walking my two german shepards and had then sitting when a woman approached us. The dogs were sitting in the shade their tails in the gutter. The woman told her child in the stroller to pat the lovely puppies. I said no and put my hand out to create a barrier between the dogs and the child. Both dogs had haltis on which prevents them opening their mouths when the leash is pulled. The male dole reacted to my shouting no and pulling the leads by rising up. The woman had bent forward there was contact between the dogs nose and the woman’s chin

    The result has seen my insurance co settling her damages claim the council declaring my dog dangerous and charging me for allowing a dog to attack and bite

    There is a good story here as the role and power of local councils is central as the police havent charged me but the push in council comes from an early retired detective of the old school and is now employed as a ranger

    I believe you will be able to assist us with our defense and some advice

    • Hi Paul, nice to hear from you. I will contact you privately about this, but have put some of your message up as a cautionary tale for other dog owners.



  21. Dear Robin,
    I am a Producer with the SBS program – Insight and was wondering if you could give me a ring or send me an email?
    I’m looking at doing a program on parental abductions and wanting to talk to you about it.
    If you could ring me on 0403 545 290 I would really appreciate it.
    Or else please let me know the best number to call you on.
    Kind regards,

  22. Our Probus Cub meets in Nunawading VIC on the second Wednesday of each month. Attendance is usually approx 70 members & visitors and we have a guest speaker each month from 11am to 12 noon. Our speakers are booked for most of this year but we would like to add your name to our list of prospective speakers. Please advise if you could speak to our Probus Club at some time in the future and if so a contact address. Thank you

    Doreen Allison

  23. Hello,

    My name is Pascal and I am a documentary researcher for First Look TV.
    We are thinking about making a Channel 5 Documentary about John Bradley Murdoch and I was wondering if we could interview if we get the go ahead to make it?

    Also I was wondering if you know any other interesting people we could interview for the documentary? Many thanks.

  24. Amanda Luxmoore said:

    Hi Robin
    I am driving from Darwin to Alice at the end of July. Needless to say I like countless others was hugely facinated by the falconio case and your book was the best portrayal of events that I read.
    So I wanted to ask you will I know when I get to that place where the combi was pulled over or will I have to guess?
    best regards

    amanda luxmoore

    • Hullo Amanda, thanks for your email. Unless someone has erected a marker post at the scene (!), it might be difficult to pinpoint exactly. It’s about 11.3 ks north from the Barrow Creek Hotel. Best would be to go to the hotel and ask Les the exact distance. He knows it and if you want to be at the exact spot you can drive back. I THINK it’s 11.3ks, but it’s 9 years ago (!) and I’m not certain. You should call in at the pub anyway, it’s an experience in itself.

      Have fun!



  25. Cathie Gough said:

    Dearest Robyn,

    My god, I bless you and your striving for the truth! I love your integrity and wit…., am totally engrossed in the Peter Falconio (Debarkle. facade, sham, pre-meditated murder????)… But REALLY, there is no body, no motive and no weapon??? ….Hello!!… you have done so well… James Hepi ‘s story is full of holes and co-incidentals, with the SA rape convictions (not to mention that the so called victims had his dog until the time of printing Dead Centre, and the bag of clothes in Adelaide—similar to Lees missing Jacket??), and more. I have read Joanne Lees compilation of a book.(WHATEVER!!)… very disappointed in the judicial system of Australia. I have read online about Paul Toohey – -I truely feel his undercover investigation was onesided? Hmm..he has issues with indigenous racism? I have trouble with a connection with the Kombi’s ownership in the UK?? Falcanio’s connections with overseas and intention to go to NZ with Joanne, seriously, one can be forgiven to wonder if he had previous connections to James Hepi, and that he may have ripped him off from working in the furniture import shop at Sydney… All sticks out plain as day to me—- he double crossed Hepi, refurbished the Kombi, (Joanne did a marvelous job of showing heaps of inconsistencies in her book- showing characters without knowing she did).. There is no doubt a connection is there….., I feel that Hepi wanted Murdoch so bad and when he learnt Falconio was planning to double cross him he had maybe a lookalike of Murdoch and a dog that WAS a Blue Healer. Set it up to get his gear off Falconio, (Lee’s didn’t know)… A rendezvous (fire on side of road) in place for falconio to exchange the drugs in which he kept going, (in which was to dupe Hepi)….
    Murdoch was doing his own run at the same time… When there is a run like that, nothing but the goal, and taking the drugs to make it there,is paramount to deliver the goods safely without out any attention being attracted to them.There is NOO side tracking, having fun, risking everything for the business at hand… Murdoch don’t seem to me a “Jump the Gun” cowboy!! He was professional runner!! .. I TRULY believe Murdoch is innocent…


    Keep up your great work!!

    • Hi Cathie, yes, many questions remain unanswered about this case. Thanks for your detailed comments. I’ve taken out the name of your ‘prime suspect’ in case he feels his reputation might be damaged! Thanks for being a ‘best fan’. I’ll try to keep up.



      • CHERY MORLEY said:

        Hi Robin. I too, am very engrossed in the Falconio/Murdock/Lees/another party, case. There are pieces missing to this puzzle but one day they will be found.
        Who puts up a fight against a big man with a gun? Nobody!! Who wears a t-shirt with cheeky monkey on it while discussing with the media the supposed murder of a cherished loved one? Nobody! And dispite the police saying there is no gun similar to the one Lees discribed, there is fact a few that I have found. Smith and Wesson have a white handled gun with scrolling all over the metal parts. If I found that so easily so could the police.
        I have so many questions. If Lees could discribe the headlights on “the attckers vehicle” as being square why couldn’t she say if they were on or off? Did police test the drugs that Lees and Falconio had to see if it may be genetically linked to Murdock/Hepi? Why did she hold back on ringing her family and Falconio’s? Wouldn’t that be the first thing you would do? Wouldn’t you want to talk to someone close and cry for help and ask/beg them to tell you what to do? I have pages and pages of questions and things that don’t make sense. If something just doesn’t add up, then there is almost certainly a reason why. If she wasn’t still involved with the guy from Sydney why didn’t she come forward with that info for police in case it was him being a jealous lover. Instead she conversed with him in secret…..not a good thing to do at a time like that unless you were sure of what was going on.

        • Hullo Cheryl

          Thanks for your considered comments. i asked those very questions to several people, including Joanne Lees at the time and since. I have done a lot more research on this case since the book was published. I have given the results of this research to the Murdoch family and Brad Murdoch’s legal representatives. I recently wrote a letter to Murdoch, offering him to visit (at my expense) if he would agree to giving me any more info about events on that night. In return I got a threatening letter from Andrew Fraser (former Victorian solicitor who was jailed for being involved with cocaine -his character was played in the TV series ‘Killing Time”). It seems Fraser has taken over the management of Brad Murdoch’s future. Having spent out of my own pocket over $30000 in travel, research, accommodation, etc, on this case I have now closed the book on it.

          The question you rightly ask remain unanswered. My view on the story, as a campaigner for truth and justice, is that he the truth has not been told and justice has not been done.

          Thank you for your comments.



  26. Grace Evelyn Mary Jack said:

    G’dy Robin,
    I have just read “Dead Centre” & thouroughly enjoyed it….very thought provoking!

    The one thing I didn’t find the answer to was..what was on the note that Joanne Lees had written & left in the pocket of the trackies she had been lent?

    I will now go on to read your other books.

    Cogratolations on producing such readable books!

    Warm regards, Grace.

    • Dear Grace Evelyn Mary, I love your name! And that you use it all! That note . . .! Mmm a source of mystery. I do know, but the lawyers took it out as it was not nice about Peter, written by Joanne. So I can’t say. It’s not vital to the story though, so enjoy the other books.



  27. Sean Marsicovetere - The Project (Channel 10) said:

    Hi Robin
    I am a Producer for the Project on Channel 10 in Melbourne.
    There is a new Jaidyn Leskie story out today with Police saying they will not pursue the case further.

    We would like to speak with you on our program tonight on this
    If you could give me a call on 03 9275 1345 or 0433 686 333.
    I look forward to hearing from you
    kind regards


  28. Jill Wilmott said:

    Hi Robin,

    A friend has recommended you as a very entertaining guest speaker. I work for the War Widows’ Guild of Australia (Vic) Inc and was wondering if you would consider and are available for Wednesday 28 November to speak at our annual xmas luncheon being held at “Chloes Restaurant” Young and Jacksons, Melbourne from 12 noon until 3pm.
    i can be contacted Mon-Wed 9-5pm on (03) 9818 0568 or by this email address. I am sure the ladies would love to meet you and hear of your tales.

    Jill Wilmott

  29. hi, i’m reading taken in contempt.
    i believe my son was the first case australia dealt with after becoming signatories to the hague in the 80’s.
    just wanted to say.

    • Hi Lynda, how sad for you! I hope you have some contact with him. When my grandson was taken in 1999, we thought it was the first case since Jacqueline Gillespie. Then we found out it happens 3 times a week!! About 150 times a year. Every year. It’s incredible that so many parents can administer this form of child abuse on their own children. You might be interested in downloading my latest book on this subject, Have You Seen My Child. It’s a very moving story. (as they all are).



  30. Hello Robin, just after info on any new updates with the Blind Justice book, and any new developments with the Jennifer Tanner Case. Thankyou


  31. Hi Robin,
    Just a follow up from an email sent to you by Len Lane of Watsonia Probus Club Wednesday 4th July. I would love to have you come and speak at an afternoon tea in our village. I am the new Social Committee Chair and can be contacted on 0425804552 or by return email. Looking forward to hearing from you for a date hopefully this year. Wednesday and Friday afternoons seems to suit our residents.



  32. MAY HELLEREN said:

    Hi, first of all i want to thank you for your books and telling it like it is, providing evidence and facts. I am 35yrs old and have keen interest in criminology and forensic psychology and as such i am constantly reading and researching true crime. I also have a strong interest in justice and unfortunately i do believe there are times where we0are let down by the system. My question is will you be updating your book Blood Brother now that Jeffrey Gilham has been released and in your honest opinion based on the evidence and facts you have been privy too do you believe he is innocent or guilty. Thank you for your time

    • Hi May, there are definitely times we are let down by the system, The law is not always just! Thanks for your comments. At your young age, try not to get TOO jaded with our dispensation of justice! It’s not perfect (otherwise what would I write about) but it’s better than a lot of other countries.



  33. said:

    are all these books electronic only – or paper too

    • Sorry Vaughn, downloadable books are only in e-book format now. You have to move with the times!!

      I do love paper books myself, but the readers of now and the future are right into the electronic thing.



  34. John McMahon said:

    My son Jack who turns 10 next month was abducted and taken firstly to Solomonj Islands in 2006 and then Vanuatu where he remains.

    He and his mother are Australian born citizens. She is a contractor with AusAid.

    As with Solomon Islands, Vanuatu is not a signatory to the Hague Convention thus I have no legal remedy with respect to repatriation.

    The Foreign Minister, his sidekick, Richard Marles and the Attorney General are not interested in assisting.

    Being a pensioner I don’t have the means to take action through the Federal/Famil Court.

    I am at my wit’s end.


  35. Oh such joy to find you have been writing more books – so glad I found your website.

  36. My name is Clancy Tucker, an Australian author, photographer and sometime poet.

    I recently learnt about your book, ‘Have You Seen My Child’ via an old school colleague.

    I write a daily blog for emerging / aspiring writers and feature guest authors, once a week. Would you be interested? Am happy to email you the questions. Should you appear, the blog for that day would be solely about you, including links to your websites etc. It’s my way of promoting other authors: My blog has had some great responses so far, many from Europe, USA, UK, China etc.

    Best wishes

    Clancy Tucker

  37. I finished reading Blind Jusctice on the same day as Denis Tanner is attempting to reopen the Jenny Tanner case.
    If his QC thinks the other inquiries were flawed, I think the next one is also very holey – new evidence after so many years? Hmmmm.

  38. Nick Theophilou said:

    i like the way you present your books on Amazon
    I am writing a book and would like to speak with you
    about the logistics of doing this,

  39. Hello Robin, You spoke to our group a while back (National Seniors Australia – Knox Branch) Wantirna. Which was very well received. At our AGM yesterday I was approached by quite a few members asking whether we could have you back next year. I am about to secure speakers for 2013 and knowing how popular and busy you are I am contacting you first as right now my speakers calender is free for all of 2013. Hoping you can accommodate us, I look forward to hearing from you.

    Regards always

    Dawn Bourke


  40. pam yarra said:

    Ho Robin,Met you at the Footman’s Club lunch meeting at Dorset Croydon.Friend/ neighbour Lorraine Banborough- kelly is a member of Footman’s Club as is my hisband.
    Have just returned from holiday, having read”Blind Justice” & now just finished ‘No Justice”. It is timely that I just heard about new Tanner developments & have just listened to Jon Faine interviewing Dennis Tanner on July 3rd 2012. as well as learning about publication of book by Ron Irwin.
    I enjoyed reading both of your books, the style, the prcess of researching & the presentation of information made very engaging reading. Cogratulations.
    IF there is a third inquest,will you write another book on the same topic??
    Keep up the good work,
    Pam Yarra

  41. Amanda Luxmoore said:

    Hey Robin

    I have written to you previously about your book on falconio and now I find myself studying it as an example of literary journalism, for a masters subject (lucky me – I had already read it more than once!)

    I found it really interesting that you make the point in the book that you are not a ‘journalist’. You make that clear on more than one occasion and I am sure that it probably enabled you to get greater access to some of your sources, not being tainted with the ‘media’ brush, so to speak, making them more inclined to actually ‘talk’ to you.

    Interestingly we study your book and others like it as examples of literary journalism. I definitely would argue that yours is an example of good journalism, particularly given the in-depth investigations you conducted and the large number of sources that you spoke to over many years.

    So, I’m wondering after all these years – how do you feel about your work being classified as literary journalism??

  42. Hi Robyn

    I have read three of your books now and felt I must email to say how much I have totally enjoyed them. I am looking forward to going on the site and seeing if there are any more I can buy.

    I have just finished Blood Brother and have come up with a theory.

    Keep up the great writing


    • Hi Sharon, thanks for your kind words and the carefully developed theory, which I’ve unfortunately had to edit. The reason is, earlier this year, in spite of being found guilty of murdering his mother and father and the manslaughter of his brother, he appealed and his appeal was successful. He has been released and is now back home with his wife and three daughters after serving only 3 years of his double life sentence.

      I think your theory was spot on, very close to my own opinion, not exactly the way the prosecutor presented the case, but as his appeal was successful, we can no longer publicly speculate on the way things happened.I doubt if there will be another trial.

      You heard, I suppose that Uncle Tony died suddenly soon after the appeal decision was handed down? He truly died of a broken heart.

      There are lots of books on the website including my latest book, Have You Seen My Child. You can download those books (very cheaply!) to an e-reader or your computer.

      Let me know if you read HYSMC, as I consider it one of my most important books to date.



  43. Elizabeth Haslam said:

    Hi Robin,I am just writing to you to let you know that i have read 4 of your books. I have loved everyone of them. I was wondering how I go about getting a list of all your books as I intend to buy them all. I love true crime stories but yours are the best I have read. The way you write them is so good you can almost feel you are there to. I am at the moment reading the one about child abduction, my heart goes out to you and your son, and family. Well I will say goodbye for now, I hope you get this and have time to write back, I know you are busy.Thank you from Elizabeth.

    • Hi Elizabeth, thanks for your kind words. I do now see my grandson each year, since he was 7, (he still lives in France) and yesterday rang him to wish him a happy 15th birthday. He has developed a VERY DEEP VOICE! I have a full list of all my books in print on my website. I also have several you may not have read that can be downloaded from the website (much cheaper!). You can download to your computer or an e-reader with a kindle app from Amazon, or to an android reader from Smashwords. The abduction of my grandson was pretty traumatic, but worse was finding out it happens to 3 families a WEEK in Australia! EVERY week. I have a lot of contact from Left-behind parents, mostly fathers, as they contact me through my book.

      I have just released a new book, e-book only, called Have You Seen My Child. This is about one father’s desperate search for his son, by riding a pushbike round Europe. You may remember the story, when he found the boy in Amsterdam.

      If you read it, please let me know what you think.



      • Elizabeth Haslam said:

        Thank You for replying to my letter,took time out to reply to me. I will go and get the book recommended to me , I am wrapped that you recommended to me Thank you again. Will let you know what I thought although I can tell you now I will love it like all the others I have read. Well take care Elizabeth

        • Elizabeth Haslam said:

          Hi Robin, have just finished reading What Happened To Freda Hayes, loved it very much. I am waiting for my next book hopefullly it will be here next week. If it is possable I would like to talk to you privately, I need a question answered is there a way that this could be done. Thank You Elizabeth

  44. Hi Robin,

    I lost my daughter Lisa’s 8 years ago due to medical negligence many mistakes were made, Lisa’s story was aired on ABC 7.30 Report in South Australia on 7 Sept 2012.

    I have started to write a book about my daughter and my journey to honour my daughter and my fight to get the South Australian Coroner to do a proper investigation into my daughter death.

    I would greatly appreciate it if you could email me at or call me on 0431 490174

  45. Elizabeth Haslam said:

    Hi Robin,I just finished reading The Mystery if the Missing Masterpiece. I thought it was so very very good. I had a few laughs, am going to look for another one of her adventure books. You are so very good at writing these books. The way you write them I can picture everything you write. I have been trying to buy 1 of your books a week, cant go to sleep without reading 2 or 3 chapters a night. If I dont have 1 and are waiting for it to arrive I reread 1 of the others. It is so hard living in a little country town so hard to get your books, so I have to get them on ebay and they mostly are the same 1 but I will keep trying to get them as I love them so much. Could you please tell me how I can get 1 of your books and get you to sign it for me please.I would love to have a book signed by you. Thank You bye for now Elizabeth

  46. Elizabeth Haslam said:

    Hi Robin, just letting you know that I have finished another one of your Am reading books. I love how you write them, as I can see myself at the places where you are. You write in much detail that it is easy to be there. I totally loved,The Mystery of the Missing Masterpiece, had a few laughs,am getting the next one about the yoyo. I am reading Justice Denied at the moment. Thank you for these wonderful books, I know it takes a lot of time for you to write these books,and I am very pleased that you do and how you thank everyone for their help espiecally your husband,thats lovely. I would very much like to know if I can get one of my books signed by you, thats if you do that and how I go about doing it please Thank you Robin

  47. catherine reid said:

    Hello Robin, I was just googleing the Tynong Murders suspects and your page came up with a quote about Bertha Miller and something to do with one of the suspects, but upon searching your sight, I cant find that comment anywhere.
    What are your veiws on the unsolved murders, and your opinion on the suspects if you have any? Your very well educated so I cant think of anyone better to ask regarding this. There is a book but its quite out dated now. Thankyou. Catherine

    • Hi catherine, Judging from your mail address you could be a relative of Bertha Miller. Unsolved murders are always source of frustration to the police and much more than that for the families. I think the quote to which you are referring was in ‘No Justice’ and I included it because I tracked down the man who had moved away, but who had owned the mineshaft and surrounding land and there was a suspected link between him and the Tynong murders at some stage.(Probably a co-incidence, but the police are wary of co-incidences). I did interview him and I think the detective investigating the Jenny Tanner case and the Adele Bailey case was also tasked with having another look at the Tynong murders later on. As I am still friends with him, he told me of certain suspicions the police had about those murders. Mostly info already in the public domain. It was especially galling for police, as you can imagine, that Bertha Miller was related to Mick Miller, the Police Commissioner of Victoria. But murder is no respecter of position, wealth or influence! There is an unproven allegation that the killer has committed other murders and is currently serving time for crimes. Other than that, I’m sorry, but I have no more info.



  48. Hi Robin, congratulations on Dead Centre. A few years ago a friend, Bob Moles told me about your investigation and how there maybe doubts about his conviction. I was so adamant he was guilty I didnt even read your book until now. A great story of intrigue – I especially enjoyed ‘your journey’ – your perserverance is inspirational.
    I have just finished writing a book – The NCA Bombing – A Mafia Murder?
    Your story confirmed to me the importance of ‘doing the hard yards’. I think I spent a total of 20 days reading and writing in the Adelaide Coroners Court.
    Congratulations on your efforts.
    2 greenglade road, belair sa 5052

    • Hi Michael, I agree, a lot of work must be done! Sometimes hours of reading or driving for a couple of pages in the book. But it’s good to get it right! Pls send me an alert when your book is published. I’d like to read it. I have a couple of friends in Melbourne who are alleged to be Mafia (absolute gentlemen, I must say!!) and I have no doubt the influence of The Family extends to Australia. I’ll look forward to your book. See also the note I had from Chery, and my reply.



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