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Robin Bowles has been writing crime since 1997, when she read the story of the death of Bonnie Doon housewife, Jennifer Tanner, and decided things didn’t add up. Robin writes about more than crime and investigation, although she is renowned for the forensic detail of her research. She writes about injustice and incompetence, and the pain and loss suffered by the survivors of crime, the living victims. 

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Whenever a serious crime is committed, police swarm around, asking searching questions, poking and prying. They impose themselves on the grief of those who were intimately connected with the victim and the alleged perpetrator. Then they are gone. The blue lights disappear, as does the blue-and-white ribbon. The stream of uniforms and suits moves on the next drama.

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“”…I’ve just finished reading “No Justice”. It was a fabulous read. Hated putting it down to go to sleep.” – Fan comment

Author Robin Bowles is widely acclaimed as Australia’s True Crime Queen. With a huge collection of her books receiving rave reviews and millions of copies sold, her writing is riveting, her investigative skills second to none.

Since 1997 Robin has been writing books and has x books available, with many copies recently updated to include more words and pictures. Apart from writing, Robin is available for a number of engagements including:

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Marilyn Ford

Dear Robin, Not quite sure why it has taken me so long getting around to reading Dead Centre as that case always interested me. I found it very hard to put down once I got started. The commitment on your part (as well as your husband’s support) with the investigative work, interviews, travel etc I found to be mind blowing…

Sandra McCormack

I’ve just finished reading “No Justice”.

It was a fabulous read. Hated putting it down to go to sleep.

Looking forward to purchasing your other books and looking forward to any future ones coming.

It certainly made me think about things.


Dear Mrs Bowles, thank you for highlighting the cases of Jenny Tanner and Adel (No Justice). I found them to be fascinating. I wish to know more. I hope the families have received closure with them knowing what happened to both women.

Polly Grey

Hi Robin, Your books make tremendous reading and my family are most unhappy that I have stumbled across them!

Jill Inglis

Hi Robin,
I am enjoying (if that is the right word for poor Jennifer Tanner) Blind Justice.