Blind Justice

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Publisher : Allen & Unwin (1 July 1998)
Language : English
Paperback : 432 pages
ISBN-10 : 1864488581
ISBN-13 : 978-1864488586


he True Story of the Death of Jennifer Tanner

On 10 November 1984 Laurie Tanner comes home to his farmhouse in country Victoria and finds Jenny, his wife, dead, her hand wrapped around the barrel of a bolt-action rifle. Her death was viewed as suicide.

In 1996 Robin Bowles, a Melbourne company director, opens her Sunday paper and reads about a special taskforce that has been set up to re-investigate the circumstances surrounding Jenny’s death after the discovery of human remains in a mineshaft near the property where Jenny died.

Deeply puzzled by the mass of anomalies in the case Robin goes looking for answers. How, for instance, could Jenny have shot herself twice in the brain – after shooting both her hands first? Since there was no note nor proof of intention, could the findings from the original postmortem have been influenced by other parties? And was Jenny’s death connected to the body in the disused mine?

What unfolds is a true-life detective story, a bizarre tangle of police bungles, cover-ups and family intrigue.

‘Blind Justice’ is one woman’s search for the truth that will keep you guessing way past the end.

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