The Curse Of The Golden Yo-Yo

“If you want a quick, easy, predictable but fun read, this is it. The heroine is a hapless private investigator who becomes embroiled in some serious crime, with the yo-yo of the title providing an additional bit of background interest. This is a fluffy crime novel but it’s just right when you have no time or inclination to go for the serious stuff”


Paperback: 279 pages
Published : 2007 by The Five Mile Press
ISBN13 : 9781741785333


eet Cornelia Finnigan, the loudest, loveliest and luckiest PI around.

With a swagger, a smile and a slash of lipstick she takes on the mystery of a torched Ferrari, investigates the case of the poisoned Pekinese puppies and stumbles into the world of missing persons, drug deals gone wrong, laundered money and murder.

And then there’s Elvis, the tennis pro and a solid gold yo-yo to die for…

One of Robin’s fiction books.

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