Rescuing Tara

The story is sad, but a great teaching tool for people in digital forensics and counselors like myself. I’ve dealt with hundreds of kids who have been abused and I can say that this book provides a great insight into the detection and rescuing defenseless children


Paperback: 18 pages
Published: 1st November 2014
ISBN-13: 9780987553942


escuing Tara is a True Crime Short Story. A bullying and sexually abusing father produced videos of his terrified 5 year old daughter for over 5 years to sell internationally to satisfy a network of child porn lovers. Read here in short but gripping detail how Bart Huskey met his match at the hands of cops in cyberspace.

In 1996 Robin read a newspaper report about the alleged suicide of Victorian country housewife Jennifer Tanner. Guessing there might be a book in the ‘story behind the news’, she closed her PR business for a year and wrote a best seller, Blind Justice, now in its eighth reprint. She has written a bestseller almost every year since.

During her career as an investigative writer she also obtained a private investigator’s licence. Some of the cases she was involved in inspired her novels, The Curse of the Golden Yo-Yo and Mystery of the Missing Masterpiece. Widely recognised as Australia’s foremost true crime writer, Robin is also a national convenor of Sisters in Crime Australia.

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