Rough Justice 2nd Edition

Love Robin Bowles’ books and this one didn’t disappoint.


Paperback: 272 pages
Published: 15th May 2015
ISBN-13: 9780987173812


xamines the question at the heart of our criminal justice.
Why is former Victorian police sergeant Denis Tanner a free man if the Victorian state coroner named him as the killer of his sister-in-law, Jennifer Tanner?
Did Greg Domaszewicz really kill Jaidyn Leskie and get away with it because he had a good lawyer?
What was the real cause of the sudden death of young nursing sisterBirgit Munro when 24 hours before she died she’d been ‘as fit as a flea’?
Why did West Australian alleged hit-run killer John Button confess to killing his fiancée Rosemary Anderson if he didn’t do it?

Why won’t Bradley John Murdoch tell the police where he hid Peter Falconio’s body?
Why did a juror in Graham Stafford’s trial call Stafford’s mother, after reading a book containing the full story of the murder Stafford had allegedly committed – to apologise for finding her son guilty?
Was Roseanne Catt, who served a ten-year jail term in New South Wales for the attempted murder of her husband Barry, ‘an evil and manipulative woman or the victim of a terrible conspiracy’ between her husband and the police?
Did Henry Keogh cold-bloodedly drown his fiancée in her bath, or has he served nearly half his life sentence as an innocent man, condemned by an incompetent forensic report?

In 1996 Robin read a newspaper report about the alleged suicide of Victorian country housewife Jennifer Tanner. Guessing there might be a book in the ‘story behind the news’, she closed her PR business for a year and wrote a best seller, Blind Justice, now in its eighth reprint. She has written a bestseller almost every year since. During her career as an investigative writer she also obtained a private investigator’s licence. Some of the cases she was involved in inspired her novels, The Curse of the Golden Yo-Yo and Mystery of the Missing Masterpiece. Widely recognised as Australia’s foremost true crime writer, Robin is also a national convenor of Sisters in Crime Australia.

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